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The perfect event

No matter what type of event you're planning, our catering team can help. Call us for your next birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, wedding shower or anniversary party. You'll find a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options on our menu.

Additional options

Casual or formal catering options

All of our buffet options include disposable

plates, cups and silverware. We also strive to be more eco-conscious and are proud to offer eco-Friendly and compostable diner wear for your event. For a more elegant touch, ask about our china package.

For a more casual event, you can try a breakfast or lunch buffet or order one of our box lunches. If your corporate event is formal, try one of our plated lunches. View our menu to see the great options we have available.

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Box Lunches

Specialty Sandwiches

Harvest Club

Smoked turkey, thick-cut bacon, cheddar, crisp apple, spring mix and vine-ripened tomato on a focaccia roll.


Turkey Pesto

Smoked turkey, provolone, fresh basil pesto, sun-dried tomato and spring mix on a focaccia roll.


California Chicken

Herb roasted chicken breast, Swiss cheese, fresh avocado, vine-ripen tomato, sprouts, crisp lettuce and an herb aioli on a ciabatta roll.


Tuscan Chicken

Herb roasted chicken, red onion, country herb olives, spring mix, vine-ripened tomato, provolone and fresh basil pesto on a ciabatta roll.


The Italian

Smoked turkey, pit ham, salami, provolone, red onion, vineripen

tomato, crisp lettuce, pepperoncini, black olive, spicy mustard and Italian vinaigrette on a hoagie roll.

Banh Mi

Citrus soy marinated beef, cucumber, pickled daikon radish, carrot, fresh cilantro and a ginger soy aioli on a toasted baguette.



Salami, pit ham, house-made olive tapenade, provolone, roasted red pepper, spring mix and country style mustard

on a focaccia roll.



Slow roasted pork, pit ham, kosher pickles, Swiss cheese, honey Dijon and crisp lettuce on a ciabatta roll.


Greek Portabello

Balsamic rosemary marinated portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, red onion, feta, spring mix and kalamata olive mayo on a focaccia roll.


Roasted Vegetable

Roasted red pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, carrot, red onion, sprouts, spring mix, cheddar, Parmesan with a light vinaigrette on a focaccia roll.

Box Lunches

Wraps & Salads

Harvest Club

Smoked turkey, thick-cut bacon, cheddar, apple, spring mix and vine-ripened tomato in a garlic herb flour tortilla.


Loaded BLT

Thick- cut bacon, vine-ripen tomato, crisp lettuce, mayo, avocado and cheddar in a garlic herb flour tortilla.


Parmesan Chicken

Parmesan panko crusted chicken breast, mozzarella, honey Dijon, vine-ripen tomato, crisp lettuce and toasted almonds in a garlic herb flour tortilla.


Buffalo Chicken

Breaded chicken, buffalo sauce, red onion, celery, lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and bleu cheese in an herb garlic tortilla.


Southwest Chicken

Roasted chicken, black bean spread, roasted red pepper, corn relish, crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and avocado in a garlic herb flour tortilla.


All box lunches come with you choice of Italian pasta salad, loaded potato salad or sesame Asian coleslaw, kettle chips and a cookie or dessert bar.


Spring mix, candied pecans, bleu cheese, craisins, roasted butternut squash, and shredded carrot with cabernet raspberry vinaigrette.



Crisp romaine, hand shredded Parmesan, butter herb croutons, and red onion with a creamy Caesar dressing.



Mixed greens, vine-ripen tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, cheddar, and butter herb croutons with a ranch dressing.


Spinach Berry

Baby spinach, toasted almonds, blueberry, strawberries feta cheese with a light citrus vinaigrette.


Classic Chef

Crisp lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, turkey, ham, bacon, hard-boiled egg, cheddar, Swiss and shredded carrot with bleu cheese dressing.


Add to Any Salad: Roasted Chicken, Ahi Tuna, Marinated Sirloin, or Shrimp

Box Lunches

Build Your Own

Choose Your Bread

Whole wheat, cottage white, marble rye, or a hoagie roll.


Choose Your Meat

Smoked turkey, pit ham, roast beef, or salami.


Choose Your Cheese

Cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, smoked gouda, or American.


Choose Your Fixings

Spring mix, crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, spouts, cucumber, black olives, and green peppers.


Choose Your Spreads

Mayo, aioli, mustard, or honey Dijon.

All box lunches come with your choice of Italian pasta salad, loaded potato salad or sesame Asian coleslaw, and kettle chips.


*Add Dessert: Brownies, Assorted Bars or Cookies.


Add a soda or water.


Please give 24-hour notice on all orders.

Lunch Buffets

Deli Style & Sides

Build Your Own Sandwich

A variety of breads, meats, cheeses, spreads and assorted fixing are available for you to create the perfect sandwich. Comes with your choice of three sides.


Build Your Own Salad

A variety of greens, smoked turkey, herb roasted chicken, seared ahi tuna, honey ham, assorted vegetables, chesses and other topping. Plus ranch, western, balsamic, Italian and cabernet raspberry dressing. Comes with your choice of two sides, Kings® Hawaiian rolls.


Hot Hoagie Bar

Toasted hoagie, slow roasted turkey in light gravy, thin sliced sirloin in au jus or Italian style meatballs in marinara. Then top it with provolone, shredded mozzarella or sautéed peppers and onion.


Build Your Own Lettuce Wrap

Crisp lettuce, citrus soy chicken with peapods, teriyaki beef with roasted red pepper or harvest spiced pork with apple. Top it with wonton strips, chopped peanuts, shredded carrot or sweet chili glaze. Comes with your choice of two sides, Kings® Hawaiian rolls.

Loaded Potato Salad

Country Style Potato Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

Garden Pasta Salad

Three Cheese Tortellini Salad

Classic Coleslaw

Asian Style Coleslaw

Kettle Chips

Garlic Breadsticks

Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa

Whole Fruit

Creamy Cucumber Salad


*All buffets will include disposable wares. A 15% service and delivery charge will be included in the final total.

Lunch Buffets

Themed Lunches

Far East Get Away

Zesty tempura style orange chicken with red pepper and green onions, Mongolian beef with broccoli and water chestnuts, Szechuan pork with snap peas and carrots, jasmine rice, roasted vegetable fried rice, ginger sesame coleslaw, jalapeno cream cheese wontons, and a fortune cookie.


Minnesota Bound

Loaded tator tot hotdish, steamed green beans with crispy onions, creamed style corn with red pepper, wild rice infused corn bread with honey butter, and house made seven-layer bar.


Italian Countryside

Buttered fettuccini and penne pasta, roasted chicken, three-meat meatballs, marinara, creamy Alfredo, two vegetable blends, Caesar salad, and garlic buttered Texas toast.


South Of The Border

Barbacoa style beef, chipotle pulled chicken, carnitas, Spanish rice, seasoned black bean and corn, black olive, cheese, sour cream, tomato, lettuce, jalapeno, taco sauce, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso blanco.

California Cafe

Sautéed chicken breast with a chunky mango salsa Arugula salad with seared ahi tuna, avocado and citrus soy vinaigrette, black beans with roasted artichokes and campri tomatoes, and pistachio biscotti.


Slider Bar

Southern-style buttermilk chicken with pickles and zesty mayo, ginger cilantro pork with Asian style coleslaw, beef patties with smoked cheddar, tomato and bold mayo, three cheese mac & cheese, kettle chips and garden pasta salad.



Slow roasted pork shoulder in a smoky BBQ sauce, herb roasted bone-in chicken with a Carolina style BBQ sauce, western baked beans, potato salad, chips, and a pickle.


*Add a soup to any buffet: Creamy chicken wild rice, tomato basil bisque, chicken torilla, or three bean and ham.


*Add Dessert: Brownies, Assorted Bars or Cookies.  

Plated Lunches Entrees

Chicken Roulade

Marinated chicken breast stuffed with wild rice, herb cream cheese and dried cherries. Accompanies by a rosemary chardonnay beure blanc.


Chicken Picatta

A lightly herb crusted and tenderized chicken cutlet with sweated cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Accompanied by a light lemongrass and thyme glaze.


Champagne Chicken

Tempura style breaded chicken breast bathed in a rich champagne royal sauce with steeped spinach, and fire roasted cherry tomatoes.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

A decadent combination of Swiss, creamy Brie, prosciutto, and black forest ham cradled inside a lightly breaded chicken breast. Accompanied by a light Morney sauce.


Nine Layer Lasagna

A thick Bolognese sauce, creamy ricotta cheese, fresh basil and grated parmesan layered in between sheets of fresh pasta. Topped with an abundance of mozzarella and roasted to perfection.


Beef Tenderloin

Merlot and rosemary touched beef tenderloin roasted to perfection. Accompanied by a garlic Gorgonzola butter compound.

Thai Salmon

Seared citrus soy marinated Atlantic salmon with toasted pistachio and green onion. Accompanied by a ginger chili buere blanc.


Tilapia Robust

Blackened tilapia fillet with fire roasted red pepper, plum tomato and spinach. Accompanied by a pomodoro sauce.


Dusted Mahi Mahi

Toasted cardamom crusted Mahi Mahi fillet with mandarin oranges, cilantro and red pepper. Accompanied by a citrus soy glaze.


Ahi Salad

Black sesame seed seared Ahi Tuna on a bed of spring mix with edamame beans, carrot, avocado, fire kissed cherry tomato and toasted almonds. Drizzled in a citrus teriyaki vinaigrette.


Sirloin Salad

Herb crusted beef sirloin atop a bed of spinach and spring mix with roasted tomato, sweated red cabbage, toasted almonds and crumbled bleu cheese. Drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.


Home-Style Turkey

Oregano Thyme marinated turkey breast slow roasted for five hours with sautéed cherries and fennel. Accompanied by a garlic herb pan sauce.


Harvest Porkloin

Harvest spice crusted pork loin with sautéed apple, pear and butternut. Accompanied by a Maple harvest beure blanc.


Skin-On Baby Red Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy Potato Au Gratin

Wild Rice Pilaf

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Four Cheese Macaroni

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Rosemary Yukon Gold Potatoes


All plated lunches can be converted into a buffet lunch. Prices may vary.

Green Beans Almandine

Brandied Carrots

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Asparagus with Lemon Zest

Sautéed carrot and fennel

Braised Broccoli

Herb Roasted Root Vegetables

Buttered Corn


A 15% service charge and appropriate labor will be included in final total.

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Minimum of 10 guests

All box lunches come with your choice of Italian pasta salad, loaded potato salad or sesame Asian coleslaw, and kettle chips.

*Add Dessert: Brownies, Assorted Bars or Cookies.

Minimum of 10 guests

All box lunches come with your choice of Italian pasta salad, loaded potato salad or sesame Asian coleslaw, and kettle chips.

*Add Dessert: Brownies, Assorted Bars or Cookies.

Minimum of 10 guests

Minimum of 20 guests

Minimum of 20 guests

Minimum of 20 guests

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